About company


IPLASMA-DE GMbH is an R&D (Research and Development) company, the main activities of which are:

1. Research and development at the junction of breakthrough areas in the physics of low-temperature (cold) plasma, bio- and nanotechnology.

2. Development and promotion of ready-made solutions for innovative equipment based on cold plasma technology in the following main areas:

  • medical devices for processing living tissues with cold plasma in such areas of medicine as dermatology, dentistry, etc.
  • devices for cold plasma disinfection and sterilization of places of human presence (both in stationary and portable, wearable, version).
  • devices for cold-plasma water purification.
  • devices for cold-plasma air purification.
  • devices for cold plasma processing in the food industry, agriculture, etc.
3. Carrying out a set of tests to confirm the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

4. Preparation and transfer to industrial partners of a complete set of design documentation required for the production of the above equipment.

5. Providing assistance to industrial partners throughout the entire life cycle of production and operation (service) of equipment under license agreements, including personnel training, support of logistics processes, etc.

6. Creation of business models involving the massive use of equipment, primarily in the provision of disinfection services:
  • vehicles (aircraft cabins, city passenger transport cars, railway cars, etc.)
  • residential premises
  • industrial premises, etc.

Company resources

  • Highly qualified design engineers with many years of experience in the development of unique radio electronic equipment.
  • Laboratory equipment (instruments, machine tools, 3D printers, etc.) for research and development of prototypes.
  • Office equipment (workstations, multifunctional devices, etc.).
  • Intellectual property (patents, utility models, certificates, etc.).

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