pure, oxygen-rich water in your home


Water carbon filters can purify mostly from mechanical particles. Ultraviolet or chemical filters, based on chlorine, ozone or silver destroy pathogenic microflora. The first option does not solve the problem of microbes, the second pollutes the environment and is not able to purify water from metals and phenols. AQUARIUS combines the advantages of both types of filtration.

Live oxygen-rich water

Cold plasma saturates water not only with molecular oxygen, but also with its active forms, which improves the absorption of oxygen by the body.

Water is treated with cold plasma in nanosecond pulse mode. During the treatment, the water is purified from all harmful impurities by oxidation. All compounds and metals are completely oxidized to the level of neutral salts. Organic compounds are oxidized to carbon dioxide and water.

The AQUARIUS technology is similar to that which is carried out in nature, where water evaporates, in water vapor (in clouds) it is formed with active particles generated in the upper atmosphere by solar and cosmic radiation, filtration through the soil (sand). In addition to molecular oxygen, treated water contains its active forms, which improves oxygen uptake.

Treating algorithm:

  • Generation of chemically active particles: hydroxyl radicals OH and radicals NO.
  • Contacting a gas mixture containing active particles with a liquid flow.
  • Cavitation (formation of vapor-gas bubbles in the liquid) and mixing of the processed liquid with the ozone-hydroxyl mixture.
  • Oxidation of organic and inorganic water impurities.
  • Saturation of water with reactive oxygen species and oxygen itself.
  • Separation of unused gas from the liquid stream.
  • Neutralization of radicals accumulated in the liquid.
  • Conversion of heavy metal ions into insoluble carbonates.
  • Separation of insoluble sediment.

Get 100% pure water

Microbes, viruses, fungi and bacteria are destroyed, turning into carbon dioxide and water. Inorganic compounds decompose to simple salts and precipitate.


AQUARIUS: Pure water rich in oxygen and healthy salts is easy.

During the cleaning process, the device does not change the temperature of the water. When treated with cold plasma, the initial composition of the beneficial salts needed by the body remains unchanged. Potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium are removed by normal filtration.

AQUARIUS kills up to 99.9% of fungi, bacteria, viruses and germs.

Advantages of the AQUARIUS treatment system

  • You get clean water. The device destroys 99.9% of pathogens, cleans it from inorganic pollution.
  • You save time and energy. The device purifies water in a continuous stream - it does not need to be defended in portions, as is the case with UV filters, which need about half an hour to disinfect 5 liters of water.
  • You are saving money. The device will cost less than expensive ozone installations; it does not need constant maintenance by specialists or filter replacement.
  • You get “live” oxygen-rich water. Cold plasma saturates water not only with molecular but also with active oxygen, which makes it better absorbed by the body.

AQUARIUS application areas

Food production:

  • Food and drinks, washing fruits with the purpose of increasing their shelf life and disinfection.


  • No need to use chemicals, the water circulates through the device and remains constantly fresh.


  • The use of baths and pools with water additionally saturated with oxygen (saturation up to 30 mg/l)

"Sports water":

  • Drinking water during physical activity increases endurance


  • Supply of clean drinking water in emergency situations.