Plasma Ecology Project

Breakthrough in biosafety


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the best research centers and laboratories in the world are busy developing means of preventing and treating this plague of the 21st century. In these conditions, a complex, systematic approach to the prevention of infectious diseases in general acquires particular importance and epidemiological significance.

However, at present, the solution to the problem of increasing the effectiveness of preventive measures is faced with limited technological capabilities in the provision of services for disinfection of places of human presence due to the undeveloped infrastructure of such services and the lack of service centers equipped with the most modern technological equipment.

IPLASMA has developed an innovative technology called Plasma Ecology, based on the use of portable generators of low-temperature (cold) plasma for disinfection (sterilization) of places where a person is present.

The essence of the technology consists in passing a weak solution (1-5%) of hydrogen peroxide with deionized water under pressure to bring a cold-plasma discharge to obtain a finely dispersed active mist. At the same time, active oxygen and nitrogen radicals (ROS, RONS) are formed in large quantities, which affect microorganisms by oxidizing the lipid membrane, which subsequently leads to their death. The presence of these reactive oxygen and nitrogen species allows sterilization to a 6Log grade or more (99.9999%). An essential feature of this technology is that today there is no microorganism that could develop resistance to this method of sterilization.


Cold plasma hydrogen peroxide ionization technology has a number of significant advantages over traditional disinfection (sterilization) technologies:

  • does not use toxic substances;
  • easily and at a qualitatively new level allows you to disinfect educational institutions, public places, healthcare institutions, subway cars, railway cars, aircraft cabins, etc.;
  • effective in the event of a viral disease pandemic, destroys up to 99.9999% of treated bacteria and viruses;
  • low cost of processing;
  • environmentally friendly technology, does not require decontamination of chemical reagents after processing, after processing decomposes into water and oxygen, leaves no traces behind and does not affect equipment and devices;
  • short disinfection time, 3-5 minutes is enough for a room with a volume of 70m³;
  • replaces currently used formaldehydes, UV devices, imported chemical reagents;
  • has a prolonged effect up to 14 days.

Plasma Ecology technology has an indisputable priority on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as uniqueness in terms of integration (synergy) of breakthrough technologies at the intersection of various fields of knowledge.

Based on the Plasma Ecology technology, the PLASMA company is developing a line of disinfectants that can be successfully used for the needs of healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry, the social sphere, transport, etc.