innovative fast and safe premises disinfection


Innovative cold plasma technology with a high content of reactive oxygen

The SCORPIUS is based on the technology of ionization of distilled water by cold plasma. Effective disinfection with distilled water needs long exposure time to biological agents. Cold plasma activates and greatly enhances its disinfecting properties. Distilled water treated with a plasma discharge is able to completely clean the room from pathogenic microorganisms in a few minutes.

The device cleans the air and surfaces from 99.9% of bacteria, fungi, microbes and viruses, including coronaviruses, as well as dust, microparticles, smoke and other inorganic contaminants. High efficiency is provided by a fundamentally new design of the cold plasma reactor.


The principle of the SCORPIUS operation

Technology is based on the ionization of a distilled water by a cold plasma discharge. A distilled water, atomized in air, passes through a cold plasma discharge. The output is a fog with a high content of active particles. Under the action of the discharge, distilled water molecules and nitrogen molecules in the air are broken. In the discharge, a mixture of active particles is formed, consisting of hydroxyl radicals OH and radicals NO.

Hydroxyl radicals destroy pathogenic microorganisms by oxidizing proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. When exposed to plasma, a long-lived complex (ONOOH, ONOO-) is formed, which provides a long-term antimicrobial effect. The mist of activated distilled water disintegrates into environmentally friendly oxygen and water within 10-15 minutes.

100% safe - no harsh chemicals, high temperatures or UV radiation

The products of the plasma-chemical reaction after processing decompose into water and oxygen - without harm to humans, furniture upholstery, equipment, animals, electronics.

Fast room sterilization

15-20 minutes is enough for fast and safe room disinfection. No odors, streaks or damage

Fast room disinfection with sterilization and freshness effect

Cold plasma in 15-20 minutes cleans the air and surfaces from harmful pathogens, dust and other small particles quickly, effectively and without traces. No odors, streaks or damage - no additional cleaning required after disinfection. There is no shadow effect - the device has no "blind spots", the plasma penetrates into all hard-to-reach places and microcracks of materials, tissues, etc.


SCORPIUS reduces the cost of disinfection of premises and surfaces both at home and on at industrial scale. The device is several times cheaper than analogs with microwave generators. Disinfection with cold plasma is several times cheaper, safer and faster than manual disinfection using chemicals. The equipment is energy efficient - it consumes no more than 200 W of power.


To work with the device, no high qualifications are required - control is carried out using one button located on the handle of the device. No need to mix complex chemical components - the device operates on a distilled water.


The device is compact, mobile, suitable for cleaning air and any surfaces, for home and commercial use.


SCORPIUS comparison with existing technologies

SCORPIUS is ahead of all existing disinfection technologies in terms of speed, efficiency and safety.

Technology Features Cost Efficiency Speed
Ultraviolet radiation - Low efficiency in a non-empty room
- Complex installation and maintenance of UV lamps
Medium Low High
Mechanical disinfection - High labor costs and duration of disinfection
- Low efficiency and the presence of a "human factor"
High Medium Low
HPV technology - Highest corrosiveness of the method
- High cost of equipment
High High Medium
SCORPIUS plasma disinfection - High processing speed
- Portability and autonomy
- Eco-friendly
Low High High

Key parameters of room disinfection

Calculation for a room up to 70 m3. Duration of disinfection - 25 minutes:

  • Disinfection - 15 minutes
  • Airing the room - 10 minutes

Consumables and energy consumption (for 1 disinfection):

  • Distilled water - 250 ml
  • Power - 200 wh



is an environmentally friendly, efficient and safe disinfection of premises of any type and purpose.