Water treatment autonomous modular installation


Innovative technology for disinfection and purification AOP (advanced oxidation processes)

The installation disinfects water using an electric discharge plasma. Ionized gas destroys up to 99.9% of microbes, bacteria, viruses, microalgae and fungi due to oxidative processes. Cold plasma also purifies water from inorganic contaminants, for example, asbestos, organochlorine, heavy metals.

Unlike more common ozone-based plasma cleaners, the new technology is based on the production of hydroxyl radicals. This method allows you to bypass all the obstacles that are beyond the power of ozone analogues, namely high energy consumption and excessive heat generation.

How it works

Microorganisms are destroyed by hydroxyl radicals, after which they are converted into carbon dioxide and water. Inorganic particles under the influence of plasma decompose to neutral salts and precipitate.



Purpose and application

Water treatment autonomous modular installation is designed to purify water from harmful impurities, disinfect water from microorganisms, soften and enrich water with oxygen.
The device is used:

  • for drinking water preparation at private houses and apartments;
  • for water treatment in organizations related to public catering (restaurants, cafes, canteens);
  • disinfection of mine waters;
  • water preparation for food production.

Autonomous modular unit for pure water production: safe and effective water purification and disinfection in all conditions.



Feature Value
Location Container 3 ft or 5 ft (depends on m³ / hour of treated water)
Source water intake self-priming
Filters yes
Performance up to 7m³ per day
Power 5 kW
Power 220V single phase
Operation 24/7
Temperature from 0°С to +45°С
External water tanker optional