Cold plasma technology for water purification


Clean water is necessary everywhere: in houses and apartments, malls, office buildings, hotels, hospitals. But water sources are polluted by industrial emissions, pathogenic bacteria, viruses and mold multiply in them. Such water threatens human health, and sometimes human life - infections, poisoning, various diseases of internal organs, dermatitis.

Even modern powerful filtration systems are not always ways can provide thorough disinfection and water purification. Their service is resource- and time-consuming. Cold Plasma Technology can do this.

„Plasma destroys 99.9% of bacteria, fungi, viruses and microbes.”

– According recent von Brunn study at the Max von Pettenkofer Institute in Munich

Why cold plasma water treatment is effective

An innovative method of processing water using low-temperature plasma destroys 99.9% of bacteria, fungi, viruses and microbes, increasing the level of purification compared to other methods. Plasma also eliminates toxins and other harmful small particles, including organochlorine.


The essence of technology

Cold plasma is an ionized gas. It contains free radicals and ions that kill even chemical-resistant bacteria, microalgae, fungi, viruses, prions and microbes, penetrating through their membranes and destroying their structure.

The technology is based on the interaction of hydroxyl radicals with various microorganisms and organics. With the help of cold plasma formed in water vapor, a sufficient amount of radicals is obtained in order to purify a certain volume of water per unit time. Unlike the more common plasma water purifiers, new devices based on the production of hydroxyl radicals, which in the process start a whole cascade of chain reactions.

This method avoids difficulties such as high energy consumption and excessive heat. Important: voltage pulses igniting a cold plasma discharge have such a high speed that water does not change its temperature during the purification process.


Benefits of cold plasma in water treatment

  • Water is purified from 99.9% of fungi, microbes, viruses and bacteria, as well as from inorganic particles, molecules and atoms;
  • Technology allows destroying microorganisms and eliminating other contaminants in a continuous stream of water. This reduces the level of energy consumption compared to classical methods;
  • No chemicals needed. Method does not harm human health or the environment;
  • You can get both industrial and drinking water rich in oxygen;
  • Plasma water treatment equipment is compact, easy to integrate, operate quietly, do not emit by-products and excess heat;
  • Lower operating costs compared to ozone treatment systems.

Cold plasma technology is an effective way to purify water. Ion gas not only eliminates pathogens and harmful impurities (for example, phenols, heavy metals, dyes, anilines, pesticides), but also saturates water with oxygen. This improves the quality of water and its benefits to the human health.